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Pacers D Shuts Down Heat

by Eric Drouant on February 2, 2013 updated February 2, 2013



I don’t know what it is but the Indiana Pacers are writing the book on stopping the Miami Heat. Indiana used used 30 points from David West and a stunting defense to beat the Heat 102-89 last night in Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the second time in the last month that Indiana has proven too much for Miami to handle.

Just when it looked like Miami was gaining some traction on the road things came to a screeching halt, leaving Miami with even more questions concerning their own defense and their own inability to handle the pressure from a strong defensive squad line Indiana. Given an offensive mindset in their opponent, as most teams in the NBA feature, Miami has few problems. They can score with anyone. But when a team prides itself on defense and shutting down the scoring machine, the Heat have problems adapting.

Like the last time, Miami used it’s top three players well, getting 28 from James, 17 from Wade, and 13 from Bosh. But the rest of the squad, the bench, was miserable. Indiana seems to understand that the NBA is a team game and the output of the whole is what wins games. Miami is talented on top but thins out quickly.

The Heat continue on the road, heading for Toronto and hoping they can push their 11-11 road record into a winning number.


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