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Miami Heat vs The Eastern Conference

by Eric Drouant on January 23, 2013 updated January 23, 2013

The Miami Heat are leading the Eastern Conference at the moment but by no means ado they have anything locked down. There are plenty of teams out there looking to, and capable of, knocking off the defending NBA Champions. The Heat will see some of them before the season is over. Lets’ take a look around the conference.

The New York Knicks currently occupy 2nd place in the Eastern Conference. Had they not lost 6 of their last 10 games, New York could easily be on top. The Heat and Knicks will meet March 3rd in New York. Find tickets here.

The Indiana Pacers are currently in 3rd place but in my mind pose the bigger threat to the Heat’s crown. Having won 7 of their last 10, they’ve got momentum. Miami will travel to Indiana during their next road trip with the Pacers lined up for Feb 1st. Find tickets here.

The Brooklyn Nets have won 25 games at this point, good enough for 4th place in the Eastern Conference. Remember that Miami only has 26 wins so there’s far less room than standings alone would indicate. The Heat and Nets next meeting is Jan 30th in Brooklyn. Find tickets here.

Watch out for the Chicago Bulls. At 24-16 they’re right in the thick of things. Oddly enough, Chicago has a better winning percentage on the road than at home, the only team in the Top Eight of the Eastern Conference with that distinction. The Bulls and Heat butt heads in Chicago on Feb 21st. Find tickets here.

Note that of the four teams trailing Miami, the Heat will have to face every one of them in the next month and on their home courts. This puts the Heat at a disadvantage except maybe in the case of Chicago. It’s gonna be a tough battle at the top of the Eastern Conference.


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