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Miami Heat Tickets – The James Conspiracy

by Eric Drouant on February 25, 2013 updated February 25, 2013




It’s an idea that seems to have found some footing lately, this speculation that LeBron James could easily opt out of contract and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Right now there’s a pretty good article over on ESPN about this and it’s not the first one I’ve run across.

Before we get into this article we need to understand that LeBron James came to Miami in this huge burst of creativity that resulted in the current Miami Heat roster and the Big Three. he took a lot of criticism for it but ultimately he was seeking one thing: An NBA Championship. There’s a very strong chance that Miami could win another this season. After that, there’s really nothing LeBron James has left to prove. He didn’t leave Cleveland because he didn’t like it.

For right now James is saying all the right things, laughing off the speculation. Truth be told he’s probably not giving it a lot of thought. After all, another NBA Championship is within reach this season in Miami. Why worry about anything else. He has people to do that kind of worrying for him.

Last night’s game with the Cavs featured James grabbing a beyond the buzzer throw from the Cavaliers Kyrie Irving and turning it into a dunk. Last week Irving and James were playing together in the NBA All Star Game. The simple playful act last night is sparking rumors and that’s all they are, rumors.

James has the right attitude and Miami Heat ticket buyers should pick up on it. Let’s worry about this year right now and let next year ride for awhile. Plenty can happen before then.

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