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Miami Heat Tickets – Bulled by Chicago

by admin on March 13, 2011 updated March 13, 2011

I totally expected Miami Heat tickets for this Bulls game to be a pass to redemption. The Miami Heat have just not shown they can handle Chicago this season, having lost both earlier contests. So as the game progressed and the Heat were holding their own I was thinking we would finally catch a breath of fresh air here and come out on top. But it didn’t happen and it didn’t happen in controversial fashion as the Miami Heat lost a heartbreaker to the Bulls, 87-86- in American Airlines Arena.

Heat fans will be mad about the last piece of crucial action as Luol Deng appeared to be pushed in a rebounding attempt but no call was made. But what’s evident is that somehow the Miami Heat, despite their huge talent base, simply have not found a way to finish games. This is about a half-dozen times now when Heat tickets holders were holding their breath waiting for that momentous big play, the one that would seal the deal in a big game, and it never happened. This time it was LeBron James missing a jumper with six seconds left.

The Miami Heat have now lost four straight and are hurting, having now slipped to 3rd place in the East after holding the top spot a couple of weeks ago. It remains to be seen how the Miami Heat will react to this string of losses, but with the Los Angeles Lakers on the horizon, it better get fixed quick.

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