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Miami Heat News – I Can Cover It

by admin on September 17, 2010 updated September 17, 2010

 According to Kurt Helin of ProBasketball Talk, the Miami Heat moving their pre-season training to places like Eglin Air Force Base will allow the team to keep out the riffraff of media types who can’t divvy up the right credentials. That’s correct. In order to get onto the military base you’ll have to provide lots more info, just like a military contractor or worker. I’m In!!!!!

 Yes that’s right. having worked in both Iraq and Afghanistan for over a year, I’ve got the proper security clearance and creds to get onto a military base. Heck, I’ve even still got a CAC card to use.  So apparently the idea to keep out the riffraff isn’t perfect. I can just see myself running shoulders with LeBron and wade and all those guys. Heck, I might even hit Haslem up for a doobie.  Whoops, there went my security clearance.

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