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Miami Heat News – Barkley and Other Musings

by Eric Drouant on October 23, 2012 updated October 23, 2012

Does anyone listen to Charles Barkley anymore? I guess so. He seems to be an NBA pundit that has the ear of the media so whatever his opinion is it gets reported. Anyway, Barkley has pronounced LeBron James and possibly being as good as Michael Jordan sometime in the future. In my estimation you have to be very careful when pronouncing athletes as great or even doing ant comparisons at all. Let’s face it, the greatest player in the whole world couldn’t make a dent if he’s surrounded by crappy teammates. In the NBA a team game is played. Once you realize the surrounding cast is just as important as any individual outstanding athlete you open up a can of worms so squiggly it can’t be handled. LeBron James is probably the best athlete playing in the NBA today. Let’s leave it at that.

In other Miami Heat news we’ve got NBA General Managers calling the Miami Heat favorites to repeat as an NBA Champion. They’re also looking for LeBron James to win another MVP. Could it be possible that the Miami Heat have everyone in the NBA so bamboozled they figure they’re playing for second place anyway? How cool is that? Is this thing won before the NBA season even starts? You’ve got to admit that it’s a heavy mental advantage.

Ray Allen has taken some criticism for his performance in the preseason but he’s also nursing an ankle injury. Expect improvement once he’s completely healthy.

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