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Miami Heat fall to Knicks

by admin on March 13, 2011 updated March 13, 2011

Well, that a bomb. My last post was about how Miami Heat tickets were going to deliver a great March to Heat fans in the American Airlines Arena. It looks like I could be way off the mark (again) as the Heat took a loss to the New York Knicks last night, immediately after I posted my thoughts. Typical, I put the kiss of death on Miami.

It looked like Heat tickets would deliver in the late going as Miami was out on front 84-78. But the Knicks put together a 13-2 run to end the game, leaving Heat fans stunned and the rest of the NBA wondering where they got the defense to keep Miami in check. At pivotal moments in the game, LeBron James and crew were stifled by the Knicks, a team not known for stopping anyone. The loss marked the end of a 7-game Miami Heat home winning streak in American Airlines. I’m hoping it doesn’t mark the beginning of a long period of struggle for the Heat. Something just wasn’t clicking last night and somehow that has to be corrected.

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