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Heat vs Clippers Preview

by Eric Drouant on February 5, 2013 updated February 5, 2013




The Miami Heat are headed to LA after a stop in Houston and in the City of Angels will probably find the going pretty tough. Miami, as we all know, does not travel well, and the LA Clippers are as hot as there is. But if you’re looking at this from an optimistic point of view the Heat have a very ggod chance of pulling out with a vital road win.

The LA Clippers are a walking wounded. As of this writing, both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are out and the Clippers have dropped seven out of their last nine games. Paul is nursing a bruised kneecap which needs some rest while Griffin is going to be out for a while with hamstring problems. The results have pushed the Clippers power game down into the middling ranges. Their latest foray against Washington saw them fall to a weak Wizards team 98-90.

It’s a fortuitous time for Miami to arrive in the Clippers home territory. The Heat are engaged in a daily battle for control of the Eastern Conference and at some point wins are going to be crucial, no matter where they occur. Had this matchup occurred after the NBA All Star Game, it’s entirely possible that Miami would be looking at a healthy and rested, and deadly LA Clippers. What they’ll get in this game is a shadow of the Clippers.With a road trip that ends with the LA Lakers, another team that’s flailing around helplessly, the Miami Heat could come out of this trip at 15-11, a mark I hadn’t envisioned after watching them struggle all season just to keep a break even mark on the road.


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