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Heat Top Portland….Jamesless

by Eric Drouant on December 29, 2013 updated December 29, 2013

 The vagaries of the NBA, and the Miami Heat, continue. Last time we checked in we were bemoaning a loss to the lowly Kings. We found excuses. Dwyane Wade was out…blah, blah, blah. Last night we got reintroduced to an NBA reality. No matter who is on the court an NBA team is expected to win.



 So when Miami went into Portland to take on a good Trailblazers team that was sporting a 23-6 record it would have been easy for Miami to lay down. especially considering LeBron James was out with a groin injury. It was an epic battle but Miami pulled off a 108-107 win on the strength of 37 points by Chris Bosh, the last three of which came with less than a second and iced the game.

“In that situation I wanted to go for the win,” Bosh said. “It was just how I felt at the moment. So we kind of changed it where Dwyane had an opportunity downhill and if he got double-teamed I was behind him for the jumper.”

 If Miami Heat ticket holders were bummed about the loss to Sacramento they should be really happy with this win over Portland. Spoelstra played it well, used his players to the best of their talents, and managed to pick up a serious win without his key weapon. Road trips are always hard and this game may have saved this one.

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