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Heat Tickets – The James Bounceback

by admin on February 11, 2011 updated February 11, 2011

I didn’t expect the Indiana Pacers to come into American Airlines Arena and challenge the Miami Heat the way they did. I think I and every other fan with Heat tickets figured this was going to be a romp, that the Miami Heat so heavily overmatched the Pacers that we could laugh, go get a beer, and not miss much of anything .important. I was wrong.

The Miami Heat had all they could handle last night as the Pacers came into Miami with something to prove. I guess they proved they could lose and look good doing it. But the story of the night for Heat fans was the in and out presence of LeBron James. The Heat focal point sat the bench for awhile, only coming back to seal the deal in the last few minutes. Though the Miami Heat are a good team without LeBron James, they could approach greatness with him on the floor.

Next victim? The Detroit Pistons.

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