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Heat Reel in Nets With Big Second Half

by Eric Drouant on January 31, 2013 updated January 31, 2013



Ha! The Miami Heat get a won on the road against the Brooklyn Nets, a much needed win I might add and they do it with a big blow away performance in the second half. Things were tight for the first two quarters but as the second act got underway the Miami Heat rolled right over Brooklyn, unleashing a 56-36 bomb on the Nets.

LeBron James led the way with 24 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists while teammate Dwyane Wade added 21.

Maybe the Heat should go to the White House more often. After spending a day trading good natured barbs with the president, Miami finally got their act together in the house of an opposing team.

“We showed tonight what we’re capable of, both defensively and offensively. The whole package, everything, we had it going tonight.”

James may have been a little upset by some dissing from Brooklyn’s Reggie Evans, who played off the Heat’s NBA Championship last season as the result of it being a lockout season.

Evans was held in check for most of the game, grabbing six rebounds on the defensive side of the ball but none on offense.

“I let my game do the talking,” James said. “I’m not going to sit here and give Reggie Evans a lot of press, because that is what is going to happen for the next couple days.”

Why there’s a big rivalry feel to the Heat and Nets is hard to understand but it’s there. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that Miami has now beaten the Brooklyn Nets 13 times in a row. But a good rivalry goes back and forth doesn’t it?


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