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Heat Fall to Celtics in 2OT

by Eric Drouant on January 28, 2013 updated January 28, 2013



It was a classic Heat vs Celtics matchup last night as the game got pushed down to the wire and into overtime twice. But rather than the healthy Heat being on the right end the hobbled Boston Celtics came out on top 100-98 and sent the Miami Heat on their way with serious questions about the will to win in the territory of a tough opponent. Boston may have had little to celebrate after the game with Rajon Rondo out for the season but any time Boston puts the knock on the Miami Heat you can bet there’s a little bit of “gotcha” floating around.

Miami Heat ticket buyers will just have to swallow it and move on. The penalty for not bringing your best into Boston Gardens is the tainted smell of being the team that ends a six-game losing streak carried by a sub-500 team missing one of their best players. If that idea doesn’t stick in your throat how about being a team that missed two opportunities at the buzzer to walk away a winner, one by Ray Allen and one by James. Sorry, but the word “clutch” doesn’t have a lot of meaning for the Miami Heat when they pack up their traveling gear.

The Miami Heat will now have to travel to Brooklyn to take on the Nets, a team that’s running hot on their heels for the top spot in the Eastern Central. Should the Nets grab this next game it puts them only a single game behind the Heat and could possibly set up a three way tie between Miami, Brooklyn, and New York. These are important games coming up, and if Miami ever needed to turn it up on the road, it’s now.

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