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Miami Heat – Stopping John Wall

by Eric Drouant on December 19, 2014 updated December 19, 2014

Now comes an important game on the Miami Heat schedule. We’ve been posting on a regular basis regarding the importance of the Miami Heat finishing strong in 2014 and trying to stay at least close to .500, all the better to build on as the 2015 portion of the NBA season comes along.

Tonight, the Washington Wizards will be coming to American Airlines Arena. The Miami Heat will be facing the top team in the Southeast Division, an 18-6 squad that is putting up better numbers than the franchise has seen in it’s short history. Leading that charge is John Wall, who directs the offense and dishes out the ball when and where it’s needed. And it’s working. This season the Wizards are scoring over 106 points per game. Washington is on a five-game winning streak and hope to extend that heading into American Airlines Arena.

The Miami Heat are looking to turn things around on their home court. These days, AAA has not been kind to it’s residents as the Heat have lost five straight, a fairly unusual situation. At 12-14 Miami sits in third place in the Southeast. A win against the Washoington Wizards would be a high point in the Miami Heat schedule. But it won’t come easy. With Chris Bosh nursing a calf injury the rest of the Heat roster will have to find some way to pick up the slack.

That means improving against the Wizards defense, a defense that essentially blanked the Miami Heat from their outside game in early December, and held the Heat to 86 points total in Washington.



Miami Heat Basketball – Year End Bonanza

by Eric Drouant on December 17, 2014 updated December 17, 2014

Miami Heat Tickets

When: Sat November 1 12:30 AM - Fri May 1 2015 11:30 PM



Miami Heat basketball may be even more interesting than it has been in years. At one time the Miami Heat were playing with a stacked deck. True, they didn’t win an NBA Championship every season, but they did play FOR one. Sometimes, American Airlines Arena was simply a death knell for mediocre teams.

Now, Miami Heat basketball brings new challenges. The Heat are working on a level playing field and teamwork, coaching, and fan attendance and support is much more important. Miami will be facing an uphill battle as they work to build a new team, with a new roster and a new type of talent. In December, it all comes to the forefront as the Heat schedule packs plenty of NBA basketball into the last few days of 2014.

It begins tonight as Miami welcomes the Utah Jazz to American Airlines Arena. The last time these two teams met the Heat went to Utah and left with a 100-95 win on the strength of a 29-point performance from Dwyane Wade. Miami must win to get back to .500 and start a streak that could carry them on through the year and into the 2015 portion of the NBA season.

Check out what Miami Heat basketball has in store for December. The Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics, and Philadelphia 76ers will be in town this week and next, leading up to a Christmas Day showdown with the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. Help welcome the King back to his old haunts and send him home with a loss. The Memphis Grizzlies follow that and hopefully the Miami Heat can close out 2014 with a victory over the Orlando Magic.

Any way you look at it, Miami Heat basketball is a great way to enjoy your Holidays and the revival of the Heat fortunes. Hit American Airlines Arena and hit pay dirt with Miami Heat basketball.