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Miami Heat Players Report – Dwyane Wade is Hammy Impaired

by Eric Drouant on January 29, 2015 updated January 29, 2015

Well, one of the Miami Heat players we usually depend on will be unable to go for a while. Dwyane Wade is reportedly suffering from a strained hamstring and will be out for the game against the Dallas mavericks on Friday night. It would be nice to see him back after that but it doesn’t sound like that will happen.

Chris Bosh, another Miami Heat player who has been carrying the load this season, said “It really sucks sometimes, but what can you do? We haven’t had our whole team. I just want to play with our whole team, just once. But it’s not going to be for (Dallas), maybe not for the next couple weeks, but there’s nothing we can do about that.”

If Wade is out for a couple of weeks he’ll be missing some key road games that could help Miami push closer to the magical .500 mark. The Heat are now 20-25 and facing six out of their next seven games on the road. Every Miami Heat player on the roster is going to have to step up and help out on the trip. Unfortunately, Miami will also have to do without Luol Deng, who is also out with a strain. Maybe all this strain is on the Miami Heat fans and not the Miami Heat players.


Heat Win Back to Back

by Eric Drouant on January 27, 2015 updated January 27, 2015

The Miami Heat schedule has been grueling this far, a continuous test of both players and the coaching staff. Miami fans have become used to the Heat taking the lead in the Eastern Conference and simply brushing away the opposition. When we entered this new phase of Miami Heat history, we found out we would need to do some adjustment.

It’s a building process people and thus far the Miami Have managed to hang in there and keep sniffing the possibility of playing winning basketball in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. This week the Heat got off to a rough start, losing back to back games against the Oklahoma City Thunder and unfortunately the Charlotte Hornets where Miami was on the short end of a 78-76 game. But, the Heat schedule takes away and it also gives. Miami has bounced back with back to back victories and now stand at 20-24 before tonight’s matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks in American Airlines Arena. Victories over the Pacers and the Bulls keep Miami a hair’s breadth away from a .500 mark, something that may nor seem monumental but makes all the difference in the world to a team struggling to build a new persona.

So, we’ll see where the Miami Heat schedule takes us from here. We have Milwaukee, followed by another home game with the Mavericks. From there it’s hitting the road to take on Boston, Detroit, Minnesota, and San Diego. Hopefully by the end of this swing the Heat’s schedule will have us looking for the sunrise over a .500 landscape.