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Heat Fall to Cavs, James

by Eric Drouant on February 18, 2015 updated February 18, 2015

If winning against any team is important to the Miami Heat it would be against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. It didn’t happen.

The Miami Heat always go into Cleveland these days with vague traces of anxiety and the faint need to vindicate themselves against their former leader. Nowadays is not the best time to get that done. The Cavaliers got off to a rough start this NBA season but now find themselves on a very hot streak. Heading into this matchup with the Heat the Cleveland Cavaliers were winners of 13 out of their last 14. It’s now 14 out of 15 with a 113-93 win over Miami in Cleveland.

Harken back to Christmas Day, a present from the Miami Heat to their fans when they bested James in his return to Miami. Last night went a little differently. James scored 18 points and a bevy of Cavaliers went into double digits as the evening progressed. Best not to say too much about this one except let’s forget James and move on to the next few games on the schedule.

Miami is now 22-30 on the season and heading into the second half with an urgent need to find some kind of clarity and put together enough wins to climb in the NBA’s Eastern Conference rankings. Chris Bosh knows that having everyone back in the lineup could make the difference. “I don’t even want much,” Bosh said, looking at the big picture. “All I’m asking is to be healthy and have all our guys out there. I can live with the rest. That’s what makes it difficult. If we just have our guys out there and if we can have a unit and consistency in the lineup, that’s all I want.”

The New York Knicks are up next with Miami playing at their place. The return to American Airlines Arena on Saturday, Feb 21st to play the New Orleans Hornets followed by a Feb 23rd match with the


Miami Heat Players – Wade Takes a Breather

by Eric Drouant on February 11, 2015 updated February 11, 2015

Dwyane Wade is a key element and maybe the most noticed Miami Heat player around now so it’s always news when his health isn’t good. And right now, it isn’t good. If you’ve been following the Heat on this latest road trip you’ve seen wade on the bench and it looks like that is where he’ll be for awhile.

He’s also a player the Miami Heat have gotten used to watching in the NBA All-Star Game. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen either. Wade has now missed six games as he recovers from a strained hamstring and he’ll make it seven missed games when Miami takes on Cleveland before the break. The decision was made in an attempt to get him healthy for the second half of the season.

”I felt like this was best. I wasn’t going to play much either way. I think with the circumstances, I think the smartest thing to do is let someone else come in and really enjoy the All-Star experience. … I think I owe it to the Heat fans to at least play in a Heat jersey first than go out there in the All-Star Game and play a couple minutes,” Wade said about the decision to sit.

This is probably the best decision for the Miami Heat. While the extra time on the court has been good overall for some of the lesser known players as far as development, Dwyane Wade, a keystone Miami Heat player, is going to be essential in any run at a playoff spot in the second half of the NBA season.