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Miami Heat Tickets – Recap and Oh Well

by Eric Drouant on June 16, 2014 updated June 16, 2014

The Miami Heat failed in their attempt to win three NBA Championships in a row, falling to the San Antonio Spurs last night 104-87. If there’s a disturbing element to this loss it’s the fact that the Heat came completely off the track for three straight games and never seemed to recover. Not a bad season, but when you’re the Miami Heat, expectations are so very high it’s pretty much impossible to live up to your own billing.

So, Heat ticket holders now head into an offseason that will determine the future of the franchise. Can Spoelstra keep this team together? Does he want to. LeBron James is certainly in his prime and a fundamental building block. Dwyane Wade? It depends on his knees. Chris Bosh is another question mark. His contributions, in the opinion of many, have been less than anticipated. Ray Allen is aging. Shane Battier has already announced his retirement.

So the Miami Heat will be a different group next season, maybe in a minor way and maybe in a major way. We’ll keep you informed as things develop.

Until next season.


NBA Finals – Is the End Near for the Heat?

by Eric Drouant on June 13, 2014 updated June 13, 2014

That didn’t go as planned. In a Game 4 that could have pushed the Miami Heat back into contention and evened the series at 2-2, it was the San Antonio Spurs who managed to keep the train rolling. Miami meanwhile, struggled in almost every aspect of the game. the final score, 107-86, indicates it’s San Antonio that has managed to find the key to the kingdom of an NBA Championship. The series isn’t over and the Miami Heat are a resilient bunch, but now must win out, including two games on the road, to clinch a third NBA Championship.

The Spurs aren’t taking anything for granted. “They’re the two-time champs, they’re a great team and there is still one more game,” said Tony Parker. “We have to win one more game.”

The Miami Heat have some serious soul searching to do after Dwyane wade was held to 10 points and the defense allowed Kawhi Leanord 20 points and 14 rebounds. “They smashed us,” an obviously unhappy LeBron James said after another game that saw San Antonio take a big early lead. “Two straight home games got off to awful starts. They came in and were much better than us in these last two games. It’s just that simple.”

So now Miami must once again make history to make history. No team in the NBA Finals has overcome a 3-1 deficit. If any team can make it happen it’s Miami but the odds are long against it happening.