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Miami Heat Schedule – November Finale

by Eric Drouant on November 22, 2014 updated November 22, 2014

Miami Heat Tickets

When: Sat November 1 12:30 AM - Fri May 1 2015 11:30 PM



The Miami Heat schedule so far this NBA season has been fairly formidable and the Heat have managed to keep their heads above water while undergoing the natural transition under the new roster. Remember Heat fans, it sometimes takes a while for a new roster to jell and develop some chemistry. Miami will improve as the season goes on and in the NBA the teams that finish strong will be the ones to have success.

For November, the Miami Heat schedule contains four games that will provide some impetus for the rest of 2014.

Heat vs Orlando Magic – Tonight is a big game on the Heat schedule as Miami takes on Southeast Division foe the Orlando Magic. Currently Miami sits at #3 in the division, a mere two games behind the Washington Wizards. NBA fans know that winning your division or at least finishing in the top two is crucial. Step one on this remaining November schedule for the Miami Heat is beating Orlando in Orlando.

Heat vs Charlotte Bobcats (Nov 23rd) – Sunday night the Heat once again face a Southeast Division foe in Charlotte and the same rules apply. Charlotte is struggling as usual but at 4-9 at this writing, still in the hunt for respectability. Another big game and a probable win on the Miami Heat schedule.

┬áHeat vs Golden State Warriors ( Nov 25th) – Golden State presents a big obstacle and a good yardstick by which to measure the progress of the Miami Heat. The Warriors are 9-2 and lead the Pacific Division. This game in American Airlines Arena should draw a good crowd and give Miami the chance to prove they belong in the post-season discussion.

Heat vs New York Knicks (Nov 30 in New York) – If this game was in American Airlines Arena I’d call it a sure win. The 3-10 Knicks aren’t impressing anyone but in the NBA, victories on the road are hard to generate. Grab a “W” here and the Miami Heat finish Novemember with a solid foundation to build on.


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Miami Heat Tickets – Still Looking Good in 2014-15

by Eric Drouant on November 18, 2014 updated November 18, 2014

Miami Heat Tickets

When: Sat November 1 12:30 AM - Fri May 1 2015 11:30 PM



Miami Heat tickets dominated the NBA over the last three season with Heat ticket holders enjoying a pair of NBA Championships and regular visits to the league title series. Heat fans fell in love with their team, packed American Airlines Arena, and in general enjoyed a run of victories that would make any NBA franchise happy. But that era is over with the departure of LeBron James and now the Miami Heat will set out to prove an old NBA adage: It’s the team that counts.

One of the criticisms of the LeBron age was that having The King around meant that other aspects of the game could be left to slide. It also became obvious that with James, Dwyane wade, and Chris Bosh eating up major salary money that the Miami Heat simply couldn’t afford the type of quality depth that would allow the Miami Heat to survive injuries. That line of thinking became evident at times as teams concentrated on James and spread the ball around to attack lesser teammates.

For Miami Heat ticket holders the other side of the coin is about to come up heads. The New Miami Heat will still have a few familiar faces. Dwyane wade is coming back and will still be a key contributor. Chris Bosh is now in it for the long haul and after sacrificing some scoring opportunities over the last three years should regain some leadership form. Luol Deng comes in from the Chicago Bulls, a versatile outside player with experience to help fill the voids. Miami also returns some role players familiar with the system of Erik Spoelstra. Udonis Haslem, Chris Andersen, and Mario Chalmers all should see larger roles now.

Miami Heat tickets may feature a different cast in the 2014-15 NBA season, but all the pieces are in place for Miami to contend for a playoff appearance and perhaps more. The unseen factor is the release of the intense media pressure from Miami a freedom that could allow the new incarnation of the Miami Heat to surprise a few experts. Rather than doom and gloom there’s an air of optimism and challenge in Miami right now and that means Miami Heat tickets are still one of your better bets to see NBA action deep into the post-season.