Miami Heat Face Who in the Playoffs?

by EricDrouant on April 15, 2014 updated April 15, 2014

There are only two outcomes by the end of the regular season. The Miami Heat will end up with either the #1 seed if they can win out and the Pacers take a loss. Or, they can end up #2 with a tie or Indiana winning out. Which means the most likely scenarios are:

Miami wins the #1 seed and faces off with the Atlanta Hawks in the opening round of the playoffs. The Hawks stand at 37-44 on the season and hold the #8 seed. In all likelihood this would be an ideal matchup for Miami, possibly one where the Heat can get a good lead and continue resting some of their key players for the bigger games ahead.



Miami fails to capture the #1 seed and settles for #2. This may be the most likely scenario as Spoelstra attempts to head into the playoffs with as healthy a squad as possible. Miami would be giving up a single home game in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals in this case, something some players have dismissed as no big deal. Agree or don’t, Miami should win out fairly easily over the Charlotte Bobcats, currently the #7 seed in the Eastern Conference.

The scene changes if the Washington Wizards falter. Probably a meaningless name change for Miami but there is a shot at Washington falling to #7 and meeting Miami in the first round.

Nothing has been decided but there is one fact you can bank on. Miami Heat tickets will be gone if you wait much longer. The Heat are poised to capture a 3rd consecutive NBA title in the coming weeks and it isn’t going to be a cakewalk. The Indiana Pacers, or the Chicago Bulls, or the Toronto Raptors could bull their way into the Finals with the sole purpose of dethroning the reigning NBA Champions.



Hawks Drop Heat – We’re Dead Even

by EricDrouant on April 14, 2014 updated April 14, 2014



The Miami Heat, needing a win to stay ahead of the Indiana Pacers in the quest for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, couldn’t get it. Miami dropped a 98-85 decision against the Atlanta Hawks, falling back to a tie with Indiana and setting the stage for a last minute hurdle. Two games are left and it doesn’t get any closer than this.

Atlanta needed this game to cement their spot in the post-season and they got it, eliminating the New York Knicks and damaging their division rival. Disturbingly, Atlanta was able to put the throttle on a Heat offense that saw the return of Dwyane Wade, who looked healthy enough but will be shaking off some rust over the last pair of games in the NBA regular season.  ”When you’re out so long, you’re just thinking of getting your wind back,” Wade said after the game.

Today we got word that both Chris Bosh and LeBron James will rest against the Washington Wizards and possibly against the Philadelphia 76ers in the final regular season game in American Airlines Arena. If the Miami Heat are going to catch a surge and win the Eastern Conference it will have to be done without two of their best players.