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We sell tickets to all Heat basketball games at home at the American Airlines arena and all away games. has been located in South Florida for 20 years and carry the largest selection of Heat tickets. We sell courtside Heat tickets and game tickets that allow entrance into the Flagship lounge and the Dewar’s Club.
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Welcome to Miami Heat specializes in premium tickets to all sold out games. The Miami Heat is our hometown team. We have been located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 20 years and have been selling Heat tickets since the team’s inception during the 1988-89 Season. sells premium tickets to all Miami Heat games. Whether you are looking just to get in a game or you want the best seats in the house we are your number one source. Tickets can be purchased online 24/7 or call toll free, 1-800-770-7691. Tickets are normally delivered the following day.

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Miami Heat Latest News 2014
NBA Finals – Heat Prepping LeBron- Calling “Redo”


OK, I spent almost four years in super hot climates like Iraq and Afghanistan. What did they teach us? Well, there are three ways to beat the heat.

1) Hydrate. Give your body what it needs to cool you down, which is fluids.

2) Hydrate. If you’re sweating and losing fluids they need to be replaced.

3) Hydrate. When your devious arch enemy has rendered you weak and listless from loss of body fluids, causing fatigue and cramping, see #’s 1 & 2.

Seriously folks. The rush in the media has been to criticize LeBron James for getting cramps in Game 1 when the A/C failed and things literally got hot on the court. Knee jerk reactions ranging from accusations of conditioning failures to lack of testicular fortitude.

My question is: Where were the team doctors? Those guys should have been forcing fluids down the throats of all the players, especially those racking up the most minutes. Call a timeout for goodness sake. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

So, looking to Game 2 we know that the Spurs claim that the air conditioning is fixed. I think there should be an investigation as to why it wasn’t working to begin with. Is it possible San Antonio juiced up all their players with IV’s before the game, knowing there would be a “failure?” It bears looking into. Hee, hee hee. I call redo.


Miami Heat – NBA Finals Opponent Is?

With the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals it’s time to turn our attention to the next opponent. But we don’t know who that may be just yet.

We could find out tonight. The Western Conference Championship currently stands at 3-2 with the San Antonio Spurs holding a slight edge over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Spurs have an opportunity to finish things up tonight but they’ll have to do it on the road in Chesapeake Energy Arena. This series has been somewhat of a chess match and it’s hard to say which team will show up on any given night. Given the results we’d have to say Oklahoma City holds the edge.

In San Antonio the Spurs started the series with a couple of major wins, topping the Thunder 122-105 before exploding to a 112-77 humiliation that left Thunder fans wondering if their team could win even one game. The trip home answered that question as Oklahoma City evened the series with a pair of wins on their home court. San Antonio regained the edge when the series went back to their place with a 117-89 win.

Which send us back to tonight’s game in Oklahoma City. It’s fairly obvious that unless something breaks, the home team has to be considered favorites. That scenario puts the Spurs in the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat. For Oklahoma to make it through they’ll have to buck the major trend here.

Miami Heat Rally in Indy, Capture Game 2
Miami Heat tickets for Game 3 just gained a huge edge in momentum. Heading into this NBA Eastern Conference Finals the Miami Heat were playing from behind the eight-ball, chasing the Pacers and that home court advantage. A win in Indy was necessary, absolutely vital toward earning a shot at another NBA Championship. A Game 1 loss had Heat fans tearing their hair out, bemoaning the loss of an opportunity.

Game 2 in Indianapolis recaptured the momentum, the confidence, and the home court advantage for the Miami Heat. The 87-83 win, a somewhat low scoring affair, can be attributed to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, who simply took over halfway through the fourth quarter and blitzed the Pacers mercilessly. This duo scored Miami’s decisive point, engineered a huge run that changed the complexion of the game, and put Miami in the driver’s eat headed into Game 3 in American Airlines Arena.

If you have tickets to this one you’re very lucky. Go back and look at Game 2. These two teams are serious. The atmosphere was electric with the type of physical play that characterizes championship NBA basketball. In Game 1, Indiana pushed Miami around. In Game 2, Miami pushed back and pushed back hard enough to gain some confidence in a crucial home stand.

“It’s not going to be pretty. Not in the Eastern Conference,” James said. “It’s never pretty basketball in the Eastern Conference. It’s about who can sustain runs. You know, who can get defensive stops? Who can not turn the ball over and who can get great shots?”

Be ready with Miami Heat tickets for either Saturday or Monday night when the Pacers invade American Airlines Arena. Remember, if Miami can defend their home court, they go back to Indiana with a 3-1 advantage, holding all the cards. An NBA Championship is at stake.

Heat vs Pacers – Game 2 Changes are Necessary for Miami Heat

The Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers rivalry is on in full force. We all remember last season where this series went seven games, forcing Miami to win at home in Game 7 to advance to the NBA Finals. This year’s battle could well arrive at the same point, where home court advantage comes to the forefront. One disturbing thought, the home team has won in all games this season. That’s a huge obstacle for the Miami Heat to overcome if they wish to advance.

Here are a few things the Heat must accomplish if they are to see their fourth straight NBA Finals.

Rebounding – Miami was simply outdone in Game 1 when it came to working the boards. Missed shots have to result in the ball being put back into play on your opponents end of the court. In Game 1, the Pacers simply did not allow that to happem. Miami was held to 4 on offensive rebounds. To win, the Heat must up that number considerably.

Perimeter – For some reason, the three-point shot wasn’t working. The Miami Heat were 6-23 from outside. Ray Allen, where are you?

Team Play – Miami was working the whole team earlier in the playoffs, getting contributions from every member of the squad. That aspect fell off in Game 1 against the Pacers. Indiana however, worked it to the max with four players in double digits.

The Burst – This is one of those ethereal aspects of an NBA game that’s hard to fathom. For some reason, things start to click and a team goes on a dominating run for just a few minutes. The Pacers found that burst when Miami drew within a few points. Miami never exploited a run long enough to make the game competitive.

Game 2 comes on Tuesday night, May 20th. Before anyone panics, let’s remember that this is a seven game series. It’s anticipated that these two teams could very easily make this a seven-game series as they did last season. Miami has enough to time to evaluate their play, make adjustments, and recapture the advantage. One big win in Bankers Life Fieldhouse could change the complexion of the series. Let’s see if the Miami Heat can make that happen.

Miami Heat Tickets – Heat Fall to Pacers in Game 1

The first rule of playoff basketball in the NBA is to win at home. The Indiana Pacers did just that, topping the Miami Heat 107-96 in a game that Miami trailed the entire time. For those Heat fans who hoped that the Pacers would revert to the ugly duckling they were at the end of the regular season, well, keep hoping. Indiana came out, established a 5-0 lead, and never looked back, using David West and Paul George to lead the way. George put up 24, West added 19 and the Heat never established any offensive mojo until it was too late to catch up.

In this first game of the series, the Indiana Pacers looked like the more physical team on the court. They also looked like a team that could attack both from the lane and from the perimeter. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh suffered in the middle for Miami with a poor shooting night.

Game 2 comes Tuesday night. Remember, this season the Miami Heat don’t have the benefit of home court. It is essential that they capture a game on the road. Defending your turf isn’t enough for the lower seed. The Miami Heat will have that chance in game 2 before returning to American Airlines Arena and friendlier territory.

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers…..Again!!!

The Heat and Pacers put on a show during the Eastern Conference Finals, running the series to seven games, culminating in a Game 7 matchup that sent the Miami Heat on to a second consecutive NBA title. This time however, the roles are reversed. It will be the Indiana Pacers who hold the home court advantage and Miami must win on the road in order to advance to the NBA Finals.

make no mistake, this is not the Pacers who bumbled their way through the end of the regular season. Somehow Indiana found a way to pull it all together against the Washington Wizards to get here. Roy Hibbert regained his form. David West came through in pivotal moments. Paul George was a hero for a night. Whenever Indiana needed a big game, they got one from somewhere. The Miami Heat will be pushed to the limit in this Eastern Conference Finals. has been waiting, along with you, for this rematch between the two best teams in the East. Find your Eastern Conference Finals tickets right here.



Miami Heat Tickets – Preview

Apparently it’s extremely difficult to pick against a proven winner. A recent poll of NBA general Managers indicates that these guy, who should know, see the Miami Heat as the best bet to come in and win at all again. If they do, the Miami Heat will pretty much write their names in NBA history. In addition, those same GM’s decided that LeBron James is also likely to once again be the MVP of the NBA. Again.

Across the NBA it has become clear that what the Miami Heat did three years ago, reaching out and tapping the top talent available, creating a visionary NBA team, is a formula that’s working. At the time there was plenty of discussion as to how this whole experiment was going to work out. Three NBA Championship appearance and two NBA Championships seems to have validated the process.

That’s not to say that the Miami Heat have it easy. They don’t dominate everyone. Miami needed every bit of two seven games series last year to capture their title. There are teams lining up to unseat Miami from their prominent perch. Winning an NBA Championship is difficult. Winning back to back championships, as Miami has done, is next to impossible, and winning three in a row is so rare as to almost unthinkable in an age where free agency makes a complete turnaround of an NBA team a real possibility within the space of a season or two.

The upcoming NBA season is going to be a long haul and the Miami Heat are hoping to do what every other NBA team is hoping to do: Find the right chemistry, avoid injury, and come up with some grit when the chips are down. If there’s one aspect of the Heat’s game that needs improving it’s their road performance. Get that straight and Miami can roll into history.

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