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Miami Heat Drown Lakers – Now Back to Miami
Miami Heat tickets are big sellers on the road. When Miami Heat comes to town NBA fans want to be there. That’s also been true of the Los Angeles Lakers in recent memory but nowadays the Lakers struggles have taken some of the dew off of the rose.

As for the Heat, the road is not always kind. In fact, when the NBA Miami Heat hit the air you can almost bet on a .500 outing. It happened again this trip as Miami finished a six-game road trip with a 99-90 win over the Lakers in LA.

LeBron James was a killer, finishing with a 39 point game. Dwyane Wade came back from a semi-benching with 27 and a late-game surge by Ray Allen made useless a Los Angeles flurry to finish.

Miami Heat and Lebron Fall Short Against Jazz
There were two things I was looking for as the Miami Heat went into Energy solutions Arena in Salt Lake City: I was hoping for a Heat win to get their record back even on this road swing, and I was hoping they’d make the push for LeBron James to hit 20,000.

Neither happened. I know the James thing was a long shot. He was 50 points shy and the Miami Heat have bigger things on their slate like protecting an Eastern Conference lead and maybe winning a game against a decent opponent on the road. Seems like things just aren’t going their way.

Wade-less Heat Fall to Pistons 109-99

I’m going to give the Miami Heat a pass on this one. I’ve been harping consistently for the past three months on the need for Miami to improve on road play. In this case they’ve got an excuse. While excuses are usually not acceptable under any terms, I’ll let this slide. Miami went into Detroit on a winning streak. Now they’ll have to build another one as the Pistons put a 109-99 whipping on our South Beach boys. Unfortunately, Dwyane Wade spent the time watching rather than playing due to a one-game suspension from the NBA for leg whipping against Charlotte

Game against the Brooklyn Nets
The Miami Heat are engaged in a grueling road trip that will take them through a West Coast marathon. Currently at 2-2 on this odyssey, Miami now faces tough tests at Phoenix and Denver before returning home. Miami Heat ticket holders will welcome their team back on Wed. Nov 21st for a showdown with the Milwaukee Bucks followed by the Cavaliers, and Spurs. A game against the Brooklyn Nets opens the month of December in American Airlines Arena, where the Heat somehow seem to excel and road worries just go away. Find Miami Heat tickets for the end run of November right here.

The Miami Heat seem to have gotten their act together defensively over the past few games and are undefeated in American Airlines Arena. So far this season the Heat are 0-1 in road games. Miami will be trying to turn that around over the next games, all on the road.

Having won an NBA Championship with an average road performance last season, the Miami Heat are hoping to improve their travel record this season. Long trips across the country are rarely productive in that regard, but with Miami averaging 100+ points a game, this season could be different.

A 103-73 win over the Brooklyn Nets provided the Miami Heat with a nice way to say goodbye to Heat ticket holders last night before they take off on a long road trip. If there’s anything obvious about the current Miami roster it’s that they are well on their way to becoming an offensive beast. Undefeated in American Airlines Arena, the Miami Heat need only become a great road team. That effort begins now. Miami will play six straight games while traveling, including one against their Southeast Division rival Atlanta Hawks, a game that will help set the tone for the division race.

The Miami Heat played Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night and American Airlines Arena they enjoyed their last home game before a road swing that will take the Heat on a six game cruise through enemy territory. Heat ticket holders should enjoy this one. Miami has been able to effectively handle the Brooklyn Nets over the past couple of seasons, building a 10-game winning streak.

Having the game in American Airlines Arena is a huge advantage. Harking back to last season, Miami has proven almost unstoppable on their home court, having won 15 of their last 17 in their comfort zone. The Brooklyn Nets currently stand at 1-1 and having to win on the road doesn’t play into their favor. For the Miami Heat, well, they’re looking pretty strong. Across the board with a trio of players averaging 20+ points and coming off of a strong defensive performance against the Suns.

Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns
Don't miss the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns play at the American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida, November 5, 2012 at 7:30 pm this is going to be an exciting game between the two basketball teams.

 The Heat rebounded from a loss by edging past the Denver Nuggets in American Airlines Arena 119-116. Miami is 2-1 on the season and offensively the team seems to be clicking. The addition of Ray Allen and his outside game has already paid dividends as Allen came up with a decisive four-point play against the Nuggets to finalize the results.  The defensive side of the ball needs some work though, and the Heat will be tested again by the Phoenix Suns on Monday night. With Miami allowing over 100 points a game right now, Heat ticket holders can expect some high scoring contests until things get settled.

Miami Heat and the New York Nicks
 If Miami Heat ticket holders thought another NBA Championship would be easy they got a dose of reality Friday night. The Heat got a downer as they fell to the New York Knicks 104-84 in Madison Square Garden, in a fired up New York ready for good news. Nothing to do now but have the Heat put it in the past and turn their attention to the Denver Nuggets, their next opponent in American Airlines Arena. Nothing worth doing is easy and the Miami Heat have set their sights on repeating in the NBA. One step at a time Heat fans, one step at a time.

The Miami Heat got the season off to a good start on Tuesday night by whipping the Boston Celtics 120-107 in American Airlines Arena. And they did it with LeBron James sitting out much of the game because of cramps.  The Heat also received their NBA Championship rings in front of a sellout crowd, and the Celtics had to watch former teammate Ray Allen score 19 points. So over all, a big night for Miami Heat tickets holders who will now turn their attention to the road game with the New York Knicks on Friday, Nov. 2 before welcoming the Heat home to face the Nuggets on Saturday.

Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics
Heat vs Celtics tickets are obviously sold out, but still has tickets for this and future games. The Heat and the Celtics have just begun. The 2012-13 NBA season promises to bring another chapter to this growing rivalry. The first page comes Tuesday night. What happens after that is yet to be written but you can bet the Celtics and the Heat will make for an unforgettable story in 2012-13.

The opening game of the Miami Heat season hits town on Tuesday night and it begins a campaign that could have historic implications. The reigning NBA Champions will embark on a defense of their crown against the Boston Celtics, a team with revenge on their minds. Ray Allen has moved over to the Heat, bringing another interesting angle, while the Celtics have gone for more depth, bringing Jason Terry and Courtney Lee to the forefront. But can they deal with the trio of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh? It all begins Tuesday night in American Airlines Arena with Miami Heat tickets.

The Miami Heat dropped their final preseason game to the New Orleans Hornets on Friday but they aren’t complaining. Like most NBA teams the Heat were hoping to get a look at some bubble players, establish a rhythm, and walk away with no major injuries. Miami managed to do that but it was a close thing as LeBron James got knocked around and Austin Rivers re-injured an ankle. Neither is expected to miss any time as attention now shifts to the regular season opener with the Boston Celtics on Oct. 30th in American Airlines Arena. Heat tickets are still available for this rivalry game, a great way to start the NBA season.

The Miami Heat are heading into the regular season next week. The home opener against the Boston Celtics is generating plenty of interest as Miami looks to defend their NBA Championship. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh are all healthy and hoping to run off a historic string. The Celtics, on the other hand, would love nothing better than to unseat the favored Heat, beginning with a victory in the heart of enemy territory. It all kicks off on Tuesday, October 30th in American Airlines Arena.

It seems as if the Miami Heat are everybody’s favorite. A recent polling of NBA General Managers shows that Miami is heavily favored to win their second consecutive NBA Championship, an opinion also held by most of the odds makers in the country. They’ve also pretty much conceded that LeBron James is going to win another MVP Award in the same season.  This is good stuff but it also puts the spotlight and the pressure on Miami. Preparing for their preseason game with Charlotte on Tuesday, the Heat have to be feeling their oats. NBA history is waiting, all the Miami Heat have to do is grab it.

Miami Heat Welcome the Washington Wizards
The Miami Heat will welcome the Washington Wizards into American Airlines Arena tonight for a preseason game against the Charlotte Bobcats. Expectations are that LeBron James will get some playing time after missing time due to “general soreness.”  In the meantime the Miami Heat continue to make roster moves, releasing center Mickell Gladness and forward Robert Dozier.  While the Heat have locked down their starters, the supporting cast is still largely in transition. Tuesday’s matchup with the Bobcats, followed by a contest with the Washington Wizards on Wednesday Oct. 24th, should help to finalize the last few spots on Miami’s roster.

Realistically the Miami Heat have every chance of repeating their success. Who’s going to stand in their way? Yes, there are some tough teams they’ll have to overcome. The Boston Celtics will have to be overcome although I don’t see them as being as formidable as they have been. And then there’s the inevitable comparisons to the Los Angeles Lakers, who’ve been trying to reclaim their status as THE elite NBA team. No doubt the Lakers new lineup will pose some challenges. But if you look around the NBA I’m not seeing a whole lot of teams that can throw the same mix of talent, experience, and depth at you as the Miami Heat are capable of doing. This is a team built to win championships. They’ve got their first one under their belts with this mix of players and from here on out it’s a matter of improving depth and finding players who can contribute from a sub role. I think the Miami Heat have done that.

Looking around the Eastern Conference you have to like the Miami Heats’ chances. Rather than stand still and try a repeat with the same group of players, Miami took a chance and brought in Ray Allen to provide a little more depth on the front line. The addition of Rashard Lewis is also a move in the right direction. While Miami may still be shy a true big man in the middle it’s important to note that LeBron James has been able to adapt to all positions and Chris Bosh has shown signs of becoming comfortable in the paint as well. The Heat won it all without the proverbial big man and they can do it again. See them play at the American Airlines Arena big event starts on the 30th of October between the Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics tickets now available.

Miami Heat – Bits and Pieces

While we’re waiting for things to kick off with the Miami Heat we’ll take a few minutes just to look over some bits and Pieces from last season and do some speculating on where things might go in the 2012-13 NBA season. First some comparative stats.

The Miami Heat were 7th in the league in scoring, averaging about 98.5 points per game. Any time you’re in the Top 10 is good but with the addition of Ray Allen and his 3-point shot we could see a small bump in this stat. Anytime you’re talking scoring more points you’re moving in the right direction.

Rebounds per game could use some improvement and the absence of a true center probably cost the Heat last year. At #21 in this important category I’m thinking Miami will make some moves to either land a competent big man or work extremely hard on getting Bosh or even James more involved in the middle although I think seeking a player built for the position is a better move. Money is an issue though as the Heat have little left to go very far in a high demand market.

Points allowed is where the Miami Heat shine. Ranked 4th in the NBA in 2012, there’s not much room for improvement and it’s amazing to me that without a strong middle they managed to accomplish the fourth spot.

The Miami Heat could also improve on spreading the ball around. I’ll admit there aren’t many guys in starting roles that you’d feel bad about having the ball when the game is on the line but basketball is a game of movement and whoever is bringing the ball down could help that movement by being a little more generous. Finishing at 21st in the NBA in a key stat means the Heat do have something to improve upon despite winning an NBA Championship last season.

Miami Heat Tickets – The 13 Preview

Miami Heat tickets delivered a huge payday last season as the Heat finally gained vindication and earned an NBA Championship. But let’s remember that when the team was assembled fans were promised not just an NBA Championship but an NBA Dynasty. So the challenge for the Miami Heat in the 2012-13 NBA season is still there, to live up to the promise of multiple championships while the Big Three are still together. Offseason moves have made it pretty clear that the management of the Heat are intent on constant improvement and evolution. Which is a good thing because the Miami Heat are still a work in progress.

Looking around the Eastern Conference you have to like the Heats’ chances. Rather than stand still and try a repeat with the same group of players, Miami took a chance and brought in Ray Allen to provide a little more depth on the front line. The addition of Rashard Lewis is also a move in the right direction. While Miami may still be shy a true big man in the middle it’s important to note that LeBron James has been able to adapt to all positions and Chris Bosh has shown signs of becoming comfortable in the paint as well. The Heat won it all without the proverbial big man and they can do it again.

That being said the NBA is gearing up for another run at the reigning champs. The Oklahoma City Thunder will be a year older and decades wiser in the post-season and the Celtics have re-tooled a roster that’s showing signs of age but can still be considered a contender. The Heat will have their hands full again in the upcoming season but having been battle tested to the limit in 2012, ending up on top in 2013 should be easier.

The Chicago Bulls come into town defending the best record in the NBA title, but not having gotten as far as the Miami Heat. That’s kind of a sore spot in Chicago and I’m quite sure the Chicago Bulls feel like they have something to prove against a team perceived to be a Hollywood creation like the Miami Heat. Chicago prides itself on toughness and make no mistake, the Bulls are as tough as they come.
Sp when the final buzzer sounded, and Miami Heat tickets had delivered a 97-93 win over the Bulls in American Airlines Arena, it fanned the flames for this rematch in Chicago on March 14th. The Bulls are winging their way through the NBA and lead their division at this point. The Miami Heat are doing the same, though they have had some rough spots along the way.
Looking back, Derrick Rose is going to want this game very badly. With the Bulls down by a point, Rose went to the free throw line with a mere 22 seconds left on the clock. Now remember this is a guy who has been perfect for the Bulls in the fourth quarter when it comes to foul shots so things were looking good for Chicago at this point. But Rose and the Chicago Bulls watched helplessly as he missed both shots and then whiffed a game tying shot with less than four seconds to go. So when you’re picking up your Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls tickets remember, this game means a lot of redemption for Derrick Rose. He’ll want it bad and if the Miami Heat don’t come to play, he’ll get it.


Heat vs Hawks in Pre-season Opener

The Miami Heat are about to embark on the defense of their NBA Championship, a sweet thought for Heat fans. What’s even sweeter is the strong possibility that this team could find their way to several titles over the course of the next few seasons. Tonight we’ll get our first peek at the new Miami Heat,a team that should be just a little more confident over the course of the season. All the questions have been answered. We know LeBron James can blossom in the post-season, something we didn’t know last year. We know that James, when called upon, can play any position on the court.

We also know that Chris Bosh is capable of manning the middle, though he’s shown some reluctance to do so. The playoff run of 2012 pushed the Miami Heat into new territory and forced some key players to re-evaluate their roles. All of them pretty much accepted the circumstances and responded within the framework of the franchise goals. All were rewarded with championship rings. So as we head into the 2012-13 NBA season we can have some confidence that we won’t be dealing with too many personality conflicts on the Miami Heat.

Miami Heat Tickets – The 2012-13 Preview

Miami Heat tickets delivered a huge payday last season as the Heat finally gained vindication and earned an NBA Championship. But let’s remember that when the team was assembled fans were promised not just an NBA Championship but an NBA Dynasty. So the challenge for the Miami Heat in the 2012-13 NBA season is still there, to live up to the promise of multiple championships while the Big Three are still together. Offseason moves have made it pretty clear that the management of the Heat are intent on constant improvement and evolution.Which is a good thing because the Miami Heat are still a work in progress.

NBA Finals Tickets – Heat Have It in the Palm of their Hands

If you’ve been waiting for the Miami Heat to nail that NBA Championship you’s better hustle up some tickets. This thing could all be over after Thursday night. At the very least, the Miami Heat have three games left and they only have to win one of them. Miami has carried one advantage with them all season and that’s the advantage of home court in American Airlines Arena. They’ve done what had to be done, winning once in Oklahoma and now they have to press their advantage.

I must admit that when I watched portions of the early going I didn’t think we’d be where we are right now. A dismal 1st quarter have me thinking we’d have to win this thing on the Thunder home court. But the beginning of the second quarter changed everything. A quick run narrowed a 17-point deficit and set the Miami Heat up take control of the game. But there were scary moments at the end. A hobbled LeBron James still managed to nail a three-pointer that broke open a tie game. On the bench, James watched his teammates do just enough to escape with a 104-98 Game 4 win that puts them one win away from their ultimate goal, an NBA Championship.

Now Game 5 looms and the Heat have to avoid a letdown. As streaky as these playoff series have been it wouldn’t be out of the question to see Oklahoma City begin to Thunder their way back. And winning in OKC hasn’t been easy for any road teams this season. But with three shots at winning this thing I like the Heat’s chances.

More on Miami heat games

Thunder at Heat – Game 4

Well, the Miami Heat carpe diemed the heck out of that one. Just when I was afraid that the Heat would give up the home court advantage in a letdown from their big win on Oklahoma City, they prove me wrong. Not that proving me wrong is that big a task or that it doesn’t happen on a daily basis mind you, but having Miami hold their ground, and watching the Oklahoma City Thunder struggle in the latter half of the game, made me feel better about the chance of an NBA Championship coming to roost in Miami.

What’s being pointed out in the media, and with good reason, is the confidence James seems to be putting on display on a nightly basis now. If you can recall the painful experience of last season, LeBron James was skewered by the press for not pushing the issue and taking the big shots. It seems to have sunk in and now the King is putting the ball in play when the crunch is there.

In this game it was the Miami Heat that put on the big push when things looked bleak. With Oklahoma City leading by 10 in the 3rd quarter, Miami stepped up the pace and somehow put Durant on the bench. A 3-pointer by Wade, a foul on Durant and suddenly the Miami Heat ruled this game, giving themselves enough cushion to hold off any chance of a successful rally.

From here we wait till Tuesday night and the second of three straight games in American Airlines Arena. It’s stunning to think the Heat could end this thing before it even gets back to Oklahoma City. Miami has the Oklahoma City Thunder on the defensive now and that’s where they need to keep them.

Miami Heat vs Oklahoma Thunder – Game 3 – The Way Early Scenarios

Just because this is first doesn’t mean it’s what I think is most likely. But we have to look at the facts. The Miami Heat are barely above .500 in road games this season. If there’s anything that makes me nervous it’s this. The Oklahoma City Thunder, who have been great at home to the tune of 26-7 in their own arena, are obviously a team that can carry their game on the road. The Miami Heat on the other hand, don’t seem to play well without the home crowd spark. yes, they did it in Boston but one game does not a pattern make and the overlying weave to this fabric is that the Miami Heat thrive in American Airlines Arena and simply exist elsewhere.

It’s hard to understate how much a win in Oklahoma City in game 2 would mean for the Miami Heat. Coming back to Miami at 1-1 is such a huge advantage, both statistically and mentally, that it could change the focus of the series. The Miami Heat will have to win in Oklahoma City to capture an NBA Championship. Doing it in game 2 means Game 3 takes on a different complexion, one of confidence and momentum, rather than playing with their backs to the wall. While it would be premature to write off the Heat’s chances if they’re 0-2, you have to be honest with yourself. It won’t look good at the beginning of game 3 if they aren’t 1-1.

So Game 3 between the Heat and Thunder takes place Sunday night. The Miami Heat may have the advantage or they may not. If they do, it has to be pressed. Falling behind to this Oklahoma City Thunder team, who seem to thrive on adversity, wouldn’t be good.

Miami Heat Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals

The Miami Heat put on a pretty decent performance for the first three quarters of this game in Oklahoma City but couldn’t finish the job as Kevin Durant took over the fourth period and the Oklahoma City Thunder grabbed Game 1 of the NBA Finals 105-94. I sat and watched the early part of the game in the dining hall and it seemed to me that Miami had things well in hand. But just like last season, the Miami Heat just couldn’t seem to adjust, LeBron James faded at the finish, and the Heat find themselves in the hole early in this NBA Finals.

So now we’ll have to wait for Thursday night to see if the Heat can gain any advantage in this series. They’ll have to. Just winning at home in American Airlines Arena won’t be enough, the same way just reaching the NBA Finals isn’t enough for this franchise. Since the inception of this Miami Heat roster there have been no bones made about what was good enough and what wasn’t. Designed from the ground up to win an NBA Championship, LeBron James and Co. have done everything you could ask of a championship caliber team, except win a championship.

Heading back to Miami at 0-2 wouldn’t be the end of the world but it would certainly be a bummer. Miami has another opportunity to put the ball in the court of the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that’s proven itself to be extremely resilient and not at all intimidated by large deficits, especially on their home court. After beating San Antonio this Thunder team feels like they can beat anyone. And they can.

Miami Heat – NBA Finals Tickets – Looking for Redemption

The Miami Heat have their shot at redemption, having beaten the Boston Celtics in a climactic Game 7. What’s the hottest thing in Miami right now? NBA Finals tickets. Let’s be blunt about this right here and now. The Miami Heat have their work cut out for them with this Oklahoma City Thunder squad. It all begins Tuesday night and continues throughout the course of the next week or so.

Miami has faced some tough teams in this playoff and they’re going to face their toughest test yet against the Thunder. This is a team that play a physical game but can finesse when they have to. They’ve also got a home record that matched that of the Heat and probably play better on the road. The Heat will have to find a way to elevate their game in Oklahoma City where it’s going to be toughest. The Thunder have been unstoppable at home. They’ve also been forged in adversity, having knocked off a San Antonio Spurs team that most NBA fans would have bet their house on, a team on a 20-game winning streak before Kevin Durant and Co. found their steam.

And so for the second season in a row NBA Finals tickets take center stage in Miami. This is a do or die second chance for Miami. Win and they’ll be vindicated in their attempts to bypass the usual NBA development program. Lose and it’s just another failed experiment.

Miami Heat will play the Oklahoma City Thunder

Miami Heat has a great advantage to be the NBA 2012 Champions against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals. This series will feature some of the greatest players in the game with talent just overflowing at four of the five positions, center being the sole exception. Oklahoma City Thunder are defined by energetic youth but Miami Heat gets another chance to silence its critics against a team that will bring a vastly different style than the experienced, defensive oriented.
Tickets to the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder games

2012 Boston Celtics at Heat Tickets – All the Marbles

All the marbles are now down on the table for the Eastern Conference Championship and the right to play in the NBA Finals. the Miami Heat won a big Game 6 on the road in Boston last night on the strength of 45 points from LeBronJames.

45 points is a masterful performance. But make no bones about it, it’s what expected from King james and if his newest attempt to put an NBA Championship in the hands of the Miami Heat falls short, doubts will be raised about the whole enterprise, coaches will fall, and the airlines will be packed with tall athletes headed for another shore.

But that’s all speculation. Right now the word is: Win. One victory, at home in American Airlines Arena, and the Miami Heat will be in their second consecutive NBA Finals. The key here is re-establishing the dominance of AAA, which Miami allowed to slip away in Game 5. They’ve overcome a major obstacle by winning on the road and re-gaining home court, but the Boston celtics will in no way be intimidated by having to win in Miami. they’ve done it before and in this series.

So the Miami Heat stand on the edge of something great, with an opportunity to get back to an NBA Finals, where hordes of fans believe they should have won last season. Vindication is at hand and it has to happen in game 7 and beyond. It’s still too early to look ahead at the challenge posed by the Oklahoma City Thunder, so let’s focus on this next one, for all the marbles.

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